Earn with SellerRunning Affiliate Options

You can earn based on commissions for every user you bring to SellerRunning!

What Are The Affiliate Options?

The Referral Program allows you to invite users with a personalized link accessible to all our users within the panel, offering them a 10% discount. For each user who registers through your link, you earn a 15% commission on their payments. Simply copy and share your unique link; 15% of the payments made by referred users will be transferred to your account.
How does it work?

The Referral Program is available for all registered SellerRunning users. To access your personalized referral link, go to the "Affiliate" tab at the bottom of the SellerRunning panel.

You can easily copy this link and share it with your network. While they register for SellerRunning with a 10% discount, you will also earn a 15% commission on their payments.
If you are a content creator, if you manage social media channels or if you have your own channel, you can promote SellerRunning using a personalized discount coupon code and you can earn commissions from payments made by users who register through your links. You can also monitor all affiliate activities through the Threecolts Manager dashboard.
How does it work?

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the difference between the Referral Program and the Affiliate Program?
The Referral Program is for any SellerRunning user to benefit without the need for any additional specific activities. It operates with a personally created URL link available directly in Threecolts Manager, where you earn a 15% commission from users who register through your link and make a payment with a 10% discount.

The Affiliate Program requires content creation for SellerRunning. A personalized coupon code is assigned, and users registering with this code receive a specified discount. You earn commissions from their payments, with all activities tracked through the dashboard. This program involves a mutual agreement and contract, so contact us to apply.
2. Can affiliate coupon codes or referral links be used with other discount codes?
No, referral links or affiliate coupon codes cannot be used with other discount codes. Only one discount will be valid for new registrations, including codes like WELCOME50.
3. When are commissions earned through the affiliate program credited to the account?
Commissions from users referred by you are credited to your account after they make a payment. To earn commissions, referred users must have made a payment, besides the trial period.
4. Can the amount earned through the Referral Program be used in a different account or transferred between accounts?
The amount earned through the Referral Program can only be used within that account and cannot be transferred to a different account.
5. What details can I see in my account under the Referral & Affiliate programs?
You can track the number of clicks on your link, users registered through your link, the amount earned from registered users, and the tracking of all loaded and to-be-loaded credits.
6. Why should I join affiliate programs?
SellerRunning's personalized invitation link/coupon code and the ability to invite an unlimited number of unique users allow you to introduce as many users as you want to SellerRunning's advantageous world and therefore earn commissions for each registered user. It's a win-win for both you and your acquaintances.