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Create your Amazon seller account using the SellerRunning platform and benefit from the world’s most complete suite of dropshipping services.

With 300 million active customer accounts, Amazon presents an incredible opportunity for sellers, with 7,800 products sold per minute to U.S. sellers alone. Amazon invests billions to help sellers like you build, grow, and scale your brand with world-class logistics, a proven customer experience, rich data insights, and state-of-the-art marketing tools.

  • Over half of the sellers in the Amazon store who sell multi-channel prefer Amazon for customer acquisition.
  • Nearly 60% of the sellers in the Amazon store who sell multi-channel cited Amazon as their fastest-growing channel.
  • Sellers have access to customers in over 180 countries as an Amazon selling partner.
Register on Seller Central


To sell on Amazon, you need an account on Amazon Seller Central

Register for Amazon Seller Central

  • Register on Amazon, whether you want to sell one item or a thousand.
  • Choose a selling plan based on your needs—you can change plans at any time.
  • Create product listings and product detail pages.


Once you’ve registered for your Amazon Seller account, click here to visit/login

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I register to sell in the Amazon store?

Get started as an Amazon seller, begin by choosing a selling plan and setting up an Amazon selling account. You’ll need details such as bank account and routing number, chargeable credit card, government-issued national ID, tax information, and phone number to complete your registration.

2. Is being an Amazon seller profitable?

It can be very profitable. Sellers in the US alone sold more than 4.1 billion products in 2022, averaging 7,800 sold items every single minute. That averages out to around $230,000 in sales per seller.

3. How do I increase my sales in the Amazon store?

Amazon doesn’t just provide the customers, but a multitude of tools to help you increase your reach and sales. Some of the most effective ways include:

Make use of promotions, coupons, or lightning deals.Get on Amazon’s Brand Registry and build a tailored experience for your brand using Amazon Stores.Use A+ content to stand out from the competition and drive salesManage customer engagement to market directly to customers who follow your brand.

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