SellerRunning Adds Walmart-to-Amazon Arbitrage Feature

Walmart-to-Amazon Arbitrage Now Supported

Sourcing products to dropship to international markets has become even easier on SellerRunning! We’ve just rolled out a new alternative marketplace feature for, adding millions of opportunities to boost your profits. This article will go over everything you need to know about this exciting Walmart-to-Amazon arbitrage opportunity.

How SellerRunning Works

SellerRunning is a fully Amazon-compliant dropshipping service. It gives sellers the opportunity to source products on to sell internationally in 16 different Amazon marketplaces.

Amazon has 20 marketplaces worldwide. These localized sites operate separately from one another, with local and international sellers offering different products on each one. This dynamic creates an interesting opportunity for Amazon sellers to buy products in the United States to resell for a profit in other marketplaces.

SellerRunning gives sellers all the tools they need to automate large portions of this process. You can use SR’s Amazon extension to filter through thousands of products on, easily locating products that could generate a profit when sold cross-border. Next, you can list these products on global markets at a price that will make the transaction worthwhile.

You don’t have to purchase any products until you have received an order. Once an order on a global market has been placed, you can order it on and have it dropshipped to the customer through SellerRunning’s warehouse. This entire process is compliant with Amazon’s dropshipping policies, ensuring that your Amazon seller account remains in good health.

Key Features

SellerRunning boasts all the following features:

  • Product Management – Easily manage and organize your dropshipping inventory with SellerRunning's dashboard, featuring convenient search, filtering, and batch operation capabilities.
  • Fully Automated Warehouse Integration – Achieve top-notch order fulfillment efficiency with our seamless automated warehouse system, handling everything from order reception to post-delivery tasks without extra costs.
  • Advanced Search Console – Streamline product searches and gain insights with customizable filters and detailed reports, while staying informed through tailored notifications.
  • Team & Organization – Collaborate effectively with multiple user accounts offering varied access levels, facilitating smooth project management and resource allocation.
  • Order Tracking – Stay informed about order statuses, deliveries, and returns with meticulous tracking and customizable email notifications.
  • Fulfillment Automation – Ensure timely order processing and shipment confirmation with SellerRunning's automated fulfillment system.
  • Product Upload – Simplify product uploads directly to your Amazon store with streamlined filtering and cloud-based processing.
  • Highly Qualified Support Channel – Rely on our expert Support Team for prompt assistance with any Amazon-related queries or challenges.

Walmart Products Added

Now that we’ve covered all the things that have always made SellerRunning great, let’s jump into the new feature. As mentioned above, when one of your listed products sells on an international marketplace, you have the option to order that product on using the SellerRunning extension.

With the new alternative marketplace store feature, when you click the “Place Order” button, you will be able to see the same product’s price on if it is also available there. You can then choose which marketplace you want to order it from before finishing the transaction.

What Makes SellerRunning Such a Powerful Tool for Walmart-to-Amazon Arbitrage

The addition of the marketplace makes SellerRunning an even stronger online arbitrage and dropshipping platform than it was before. Consider these perks of having the option to purchase on Walmart as well as Amazon:

  • Profitability – This feature will only activate when the exact product that you can purchase on Amazon is also available on With a direct side-by-side comparison showing up on every order, you can easily see which option is cheaper and select it, generating the maximum profit possible on every arbitrage opportunity.
  • Stock – SellerRunning updates stocks and prices at least once every 12 hours, and it notifies Amazon within 15 minutes of discovery if one of your products is out of stock. This prevents most instances of a product being ordered on another marketplace when it is out of stock on, but this does occasionally happen. In the past, the order would need to be canceled; now, if the product is available on Walmart, it can move forward as planned.
  • Shipping Time – Shipping times on Amazon can vary based on the seller and fulfillment method. If the same product is available on Walmart with a faster shipping time, you can now opt to order it there to speed up the process.
  • Personal Time Saved – Sellers who wanted to compare prices with had to do so manually before, using precious time on research. That time can now be spent elsewhere as these price comparisons are happening automatically.

Expand into new international marketplaces today and see how great SellerRunning can work for you with a free trial!