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Automate your dropshipping business across 16 Amazon marketplaces

Find and List Products

Filter through thousands of profitable products with our Amazon extension. Find exactly what you need, quickly and efficiently.

Inventory Management

Automate price, stock updates, and product removal. Just set the rules with our repricing tool, and analyze performance through the dashboard.

Order Management

With one-click orders and precise tracking, you can send items faster than ever and get updates on deliveries and returns

Automatic Fulfillment and Integrated Warehouse Management

Automatically update your seller account with shipment info once an order is sent off. Save time and keep Amazon happy.

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Hear from our users

I conduct business in a manner approved by Amazon, using software approved by Amazon, which helps prevent potential problems and makes me feel secure.
Yusuf Kaygusuz
SellerRunning Top Seller
I started researching SellerRunning before even opening my Amazon account. Without SellerRunning, dropshipping wouldn't be possible.
Semih Özgan
SellerRunning Top Seller
After discovering SellerRunning, my job became much easier. Amazon requires us to adhere to our dropshipping policies. For this, we need to work with dropshipping-compatible, Amazon-approved software. SellerRunning provides us with great convenience in this regard.
Ümit Erdoğan
SellerRunning Top Seller

Frequently asked questions

1. What do I get with SellerRunning?
SellerRunning is automated dropshipping software designed to meet all the needs of sellers who use the FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) method on Amazon. It operates 24/7 in the background and keeps a constant watch over connected stores.

• Zero-Risk Dropshipping: Everything is in the cloud and compliant with Amazon’s dropshipping policies, ensuring there is no risk of account suspension.

• Automatic Listing Management: Easily add products to your store and automatically update product prices and stock levels. You won't have to deal with tasks like downloading/uploading files.

• Instant Arbitrage: Sell items from Amazon US to customers in other countries instantly. Create orders with just one click and automatically match inbound orders from your US buyer account to outbound orders in your seller account(s) in other countries.

• Hands-Free Fulfillment: When your buyer account’s order ships, SellerRunning automatically transfers shipping info to your seller account and confirms the order.

• Built-In Order Tracking: SellerRunning tracks every order shipped, records when the order is delivered or returned, and notifies you of anything you need to know.

• Boosted Feedback: Let SellerRunning send feedback requests to each of your customers once their orders have been delivered, securing more customer feedback.
2. What marketplaces does SellerRunning cover?
SellerRunning currently supports using (USA) as a source store. For selling stores, it supports (Canada), (Mexico), (UK), (Germany), (France), (Italy), (Spain), (United Arab Emirates), (Australia), (Singapore), (Japan), (Saudi Arabia), (Poland), (Sweden), (Belgium), and (Netherlands).
3. Do I need other software for FBM on Amazon?
Not at all. SellerRunning is all you need to get started with FBM on Amazon. It includes everything from Amazon product research tools to feedback request automation, eliminating the need for any other software.
4. How long does it take to update prices and stocks?
SellerRunning commits to updating all the products in your store at least once every 3 hours. This is the maximum duration. When it detects a change in a product's price or stock or realizes it doesn't meet the criteria you've set, it notifies Amazon on your behalf within 15 minutes. Amazon processes this request within a maximum of 15 minutes.
5. How do I transfer the products in my store to SellerRunning?
When you start using SellerRunning, you need to complete an account setup process that consists of a few simple steps. Once you’re set up, the existing products in your store will be automatically transferred to SellerRunning. You don't need to do anything extra for this.
6. Can I suggest a new feature?
Absolutely! You can contact us to let us know your needs. If your suggestion benefits all our users, we can add that feature as part of SellerRunning. Otherwise, we can offer it as a custom request for you at an additional cost. Please keep in mind that implementing the feature may take some time.